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Hours:   Sun up to Sun Down   5/29 9/4 

(email or text to make Summer reservations off season) 

Water Taxi

Transport to and from private camps and docks around the inland sea.

Camper Ferry Service To Parks

Transport to and from sites at State parks such as Knights Island, Woods Island, and Burton Island


Transport 'off island' for day trips and supplies by island based campers.  

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A round trip will generally run from $35 to $45/person depending on location and includes typical gear such as  one duffel or backpack,a cooler, and a food box.  

  If you are paddling over with a group and want help transporting gear there is a minimum $35 charge.  PLEASE NOTIFY US IF YOU ARE CARRYING GEAR FOR A PADDLER.

 We can handle paddleboards and small canoes on board with advance notice. They often require additional trips and would cost the same as an additional adult.

 Payment is accepted as cash, check (made to: Spring Beach Ferry, LLC) or Venmo.

Current Round Trip Rates (subject to change):

Hero's Welcome/Knight Is. $40/pp

Knight Point/Knight Is. $45pp

Kill Kare Car Top Ramp/Woods Is. $45pp

Kill Kare Car Top Ramp/Burton Is. $30pp

Burton-Kill Kare Dock/Burton Is. $40pp


Just call or text and we'll collect the details.  You will get a message with all the specifics and a link for more information.  Once you confirm the details and acknowledge the link,  we're all set!  We're flexible so if any plans change, keep us posted and we'll repeat the confirmation.

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Note:  Mother nature rules supreme on the water. Unexpected weather events and equipment problems are a fact of life on the lake .   All schedules and calls are operated  'conditions permitting'  and subject to change, postponement, or even a (very) rare cancellation,  particularly in the event of poor weather and/or strong lake winds. We will always work with you via text and calls  in such an instance to work out the best (and safest) option.  See the information section for our recommendations.                     

Spring Beach Ferry, LLC

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