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Need a Ride ?

Spring Beach Ferry provides water taxi and light transport services on the inland sea area of Lake Champlain, VT.  We ferry small groups, campers, day trippers, and sightseers between local docks, state parks, and private camps. Please call or text with any questions.  We recommend reading the information section for helpful tips.      

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Our boats are operated by Captain Mark Sperber.  Captain Mark is a USCG licensed captain for up to 6 passengers at a time.  He is an experienced sailor as well as a licensed powerboat operator.  He grew up around the New Jersey shore area and has spent over 30 seasons camping and living on the islands of the Inland Sea. When not working, he can often be spotted on the water flying a hull on one of his catamarans or fishing in the early morning.    

Spring Beach Ferry, LLC

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